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Blossom Up



It all started with some orange blossoms. Okay, and a shot of sake. 

Circa 100 years ago, an aspiring businesswoman named Julia made her way from Ohio to South Florida. Settling in Miami, Julia envisioned transforming her new home into a thriving city. She began to pitch her idea, but her investors weren't convinced.


Julia knew she needed a biz bestie to get the job done, so she enlisted the help of Mary Brickell. Together, they put their badassery where their blossoms were, and sent an entire case of oranges to their investors, proving that Miami had some serious zing to offer.


Just like that, a city was born.

Fast forward 100 years to a rainy October night in New York City, where Colleen wasn't in the best of moods having just gone through a break up. Little did she realize, a splash of fate was upon her. 

Knowing she needed a boost of  "post break-up zing", her roommate ubered her to the nearest bar. 

That splash of fate happened to be Gigi, who walked in at just the right time. After hearing Colleen's story, Gigi ordered some much needed shots of zest (or in this case, sake). 

"You have so much more to do with your life," Gigi said. 

And in that moment, a friendship was formed. 

Six years later, when debt, rent, lower back pain, and corporate  life were killing Colleen, Gigi said the same thing. 

And just like that, Blossom Up was born. 

At Blossom Up, we believe in keeping it simple. Which is why our mission is to simplify entrepreneurship and create more women owned businesses. We provide you with the systems, skills, support, and workspace you need to stop struggling, and start growing your business.


Hola mi gente! Gigi here. I was born and raised in Miami by immigrant parents who went above and beyond to provide for me and my siblings.​


Growing up, while many little girls dreamt of their wedding day, I fantasized about my career. Although I always had a sense of the woman I wanted to be, I struggled with major imposter syndrome... The kind that did not go away even after two degrees, three majors and a minor. I spent a lot of time preparing for the position I dreamt Corporate America would give me.


I worked in the legal, political and startup fields. However, I found myself filled with a collection of experiences but no personal gratification or major corporate milestones. 


Most of the people in our industry say that they started their business because they wanted a space for people like them. That is not my case. The levels of Corporate America I reached were filled with people like me: minorities, and women, who were well educated. I started this because there were not enough people like us at the top. 


Forget about bringing your own folding chair, Blossom Up is built for you to create your own damn table which hopefully includes a bottle of Cliquot.


​When i'm not strategizing or upskilling, you can find me at brunch at Casa Florida or hiking in the remote areas of the northeast with my loved ones.



Hey loves it's Colleen. Growing up as a Northeastern native, I struggled to find my people because I loved to challenge the status quo and speak my mind. What can I say, must be the New York and Jersey in me! 

So, instead of sprinting off to college, I took a gap year (or two, or three), and worked my butt off at age 18 learning customer experience and event marketing.


Eventually, I found my way to New York University where I THRIVED. I graduated top of my class (twice!) and led multiple student councils. Even better, I built an entire community of extended family AND found my people -- despite everyone telling me I'd go no where for not going to college straight away (moral of the story, shrug off unsolicited opinions and stick up for yourself). 

Challenging the status quo led me out of corporate NYC and to you. You are my extended family - which means I always have your "business back" and will help you to continually Blossom Up. 

When I'm not working I'm working out, or listening to reggaeton at the newest rooftop. Oh, and I'm always down to grab drinks. See you at Astra, followed by a night cap at Centro. 

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